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AfterWorld is a "free market economy" persistent-world massively multiplayer online game set in a science fiction setting of post-apocalyptic Siberia.


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We would like to share with all of you a new book of Dalewj!

Same, as with the first one, all registered users of AfterWorld can get his second book for free!

Dalewj is a real avatar in AfterWorld. Watch dalewj discover his own history. Watch dalewj discover the history of the world he lives in. The history of AfterWorld, robots and ... more!

AfterWorld Diaries, book 2

Check out this thread for more information.


Hello everyone.

We are going to DENY skills trading. This means that, from this moment, you won't be able to create skills chips (SNIs) via terminals. If you have SNI's you will still be able to use them.

Why we are doing this: because we are going to eliminate as much of the "pay-to-win" aspect in the game as possible. Players should NEVER buy skills or experience. It's obvious: we don't want to give too many benefits to the richest players in the game. Skills are very important and usually it takes a very long time to achieve the highest and most effective skill stages. We don't want someone to gain them all in five minutes and go on a rampage.

But also we know that some players would like to pass the 'newbie levels' a bit faster, to take part in more serious events in the game. For those players we are going to implement a system of buffs that will speed up the skills improvement. This way players won't skip the early stage of the game. They will still have to play, to take part in the game, to learn the game and to socialize, though it would go faster for them.


Today, 21 Feb 2014, we have finished moving our game to the new data-center.

Now game is running on more powerful hardware with one of the best in the world connection (200gbps).
The new data-center also have a fourteen redundant connections in case the main goes down.

That means that game will be accessible for 99,9% of time and power/connection issues shouldn't prevent you from playing AfterWorld.
For many of you it will also give a better "ping" and less network lags.

Survival - Foundry 05




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