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New users can register for participation by filling out the form at my.AfterWorld.

After submitting, you should receive an e-mail with your activation link. Click this link and you are ready to get in!


To get the AfterWorld on your computer, please download one of those installers:

Full version (1.6GB full game single installer, download, install and jump in game right away):

Lite version (52MB installer only, the game will download all updates by itself):

Download desired installer and launch in order to install. If any new patches has been released, it will download and install it automatically.

You need allow full internet access in your firewall for the AfterWorld in order to run it.

As of December 6, 2012 the AfterWorld: Alpha World is deprecated and replaced with the AfterWorld: Survival.

AfterWorld is virus-free and safe! Webutation

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